20 February 2018

New challenge at Ally's Angels

Hello furiends

I hope you have a pawesome time! I cannot wait until I finally meet Scarlett O'Hara. She will arrive mid-March and ooooooh the joy, then I finally can play with someone else than my human furiend! She told me that Scarlett is a bit younger than I am but she still is quite shy and wants to stay only in one room that she feels safe in. I promise I will be nice to her.
I like playing nicely not so harsh and strong like that stupid Freddy that lives here too. He does not play nicely with me. He always gets angry when he doesn't get any goodies from my human furiend and then he pulls out his claws and plays really rough with me, then I always have to hide under the sofa!

My human furiend made a light box for ther cards and now she can take pics no matter what weather! She had to make it herself because her hubby wasn't around. I helped her with the tools! Now the box is in her craft shelf and she loves it! It's too high for me to jump up or I would sit in there so she can take pics of me as well! Plus the lights on top of the box would be very warm when it's cold outside!

At my human furiends personal challenge blog (Ally's Angels) starts a new challenge and the theme is STITCHING - REAL OR FAUX. I love when she saws her cards - then she sits with the back to the craft table and I can go and get the ribbons ha ha!

  Wishing you a pawsome evening furiends!


13 February 2018

Elly, you got a belly!

Hello furiends

Just a quick furry "hi" from me! I am busy with getting everything ready for Scarlett. My human furiend cannot wait because she thinks I put on too much weight and it's time for me to run around with my new furiend and loose some weight! She was so mean to take pics of my fat belly and then she sings: "Elly, you got a belly!" and then she laughs!!!

Look, here is Scarlett, she is adorable. I hope she is playful! She will be here with me in about one month.

And this is a new easel card my human furiend made:

04 February 2018

Love is in the air

Hello furiends

Meow are you? I hope you are doing good.
Guess what?! I get another furry furiend to play with. Because the other three cats in this house don't want to play with me and I asked my human furiend to get me a playmate. Now she found a rescue cat and she will soon move in. Cannot wait! My human furiend said, she will be named Scarlett O'Hara! 

Over at LHOSM starts a new challenge with the theme LOVE and this is my human furiends make:

They even have a new sponsor at LHOSM, read this:

Well do we have some Fantastic news for all you Magnolia Lovers out there!

Our wonderful new sponsor  Swedish House Crafts are offering you the chance to win one of three prizes from their store and an EXCLUSIVE LHOSM Discount!!!!
Thank you so much Suha!

Our First Prize winner will win £20 Store Credit
Our second Prize Winner will win £10 Store Credit 
Our Third Prize Winner will win £5 Store Credit

And that isn’t all 
Suha is offering everyone an exclusive 10% off across her entire store, with this exclusive discount code, just for us:

Any buyer who uses this code and purchases over £50 (after discount and before shipping) will also receive a FREE GIFT, which includes one of the following, a glue pen, or a drop eye ink pad, flowers, sequins or a surprise gift!!!  You can use this code until 28th February!

And there is even more great news – read on…

Also there will be a new release of stamps from Magnolia very soon, called the Sun Beam Collection, you will be able to purchase the whole collection of stamps at a fantastic discounted price from Swedish House Crafts.  Use the code below, to receive a 15% discount at checkout on the whole set of stamps.
(not available for individual stamps)
How wonderful is that!!!

Ok, will keep you updated on Scarlett!


08 January 2018


Hello furiends

Just popping by to let you know I wanted to apply for a DT job but my human furiend said I am not allowed to Play with her craft stuff. So I wasn't allowed to apply. But maybe you want to be in the Design Team of Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia Team. My human furiend says the ladies are very nice! 

Here is what they are looking for!

I hope you are more lucky than I am!

For the new challenge that runs since Sunday (and as always my human furiend did not tell me to prepare the post in time!!) she made this card. It's for her beloved friend Marina who fights side by side with my human furiend for us animals. Marina got a little baby boy and he will be an animal rights activist one day too, this is pawesome!!


01 January 2018

Ally's Angels first challenge

Hello furiends

I hope you are doing fine and are not shivering from the fireworks anymore. I was sooooo scared and I cannot understand how anyone wants to detonate explosive materials. My human furiend told me that millions of animals die from the shock and loss of energy that they desperately need to survive the winter. I am so happy I am not a wild cat anymore. I pray that one day fireworks are prohibited.

My human furiend says that today is the launch of her very own challenge blog "Ally's Angels"! She made this card for the first challenge:

She also now is a DT member of the Aliciabel DT and she is very happy that Alicia asked her to be part of her team. I will show you her works in another post.

Now I have to get the house cleaned with my human furiend. She said I must help because I helped making it dirty with my fur so I have to help her hoover now. Annoying task!!


11 December 2017

Merry Christmas, furiends!

Hello furiends
Guess what?! My human furiend said she does not get me a Christmas tree because she doesn’t trust me! Now this is really mean of her. As if I would play with the glass balls and ribbons and things. She must think really bad of me! Maybe because I am a mischevious kitty all the time. The other day I played with my water bowl and spilled all the water on the wooden floor. My human furiend said it’s not good for the floor. That’s nonsense, I can lick it from the floor and in a couple of days there won’t be any water left. Much ado about nothing!
Furiends, this is the last post for this year and I promise that I will be a good kitty next year and come to your blogs to comment a bit more. It has been too much the last couple of weeks and months. My human furiend has found a new home for her mum and she will move in February and my human furiend will help her. She will look after her on Christmas and New Year and hopefully the mum will then feel better once she is out of the flat that is full of memories of my human furiends dad. I don’t know what the fuss is about – I don’t even know my mum. She gave birth to me somewhere in a barn or so and when I was old enough she abandoned me. I am so happy I have my human furiend now. I don’t have to fight for food anymore. What a lucky kitty I am!

The card is for yesterday's challenge over at Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia challenge blog.

Have a wonderful Christmas and don’t play with the Christmas tree. Would not be fair when I am not allowed to play with it and then I have to read that you were able to play with it!
Take care, furiends!

13 November 2017

Shells, hearts and furry kisses

Hello furiends

My human furiend is busy busy busy and has no time to play with me. So I am trying to make her jealous and only cuddle with the male human furiend. I think she does not love me anymore as she does not pay any attention at all. 

But she has been playing in her craft room and she made a new card for the challenge over at LHOSM (and I am late posting because I forgot the time when I was cuddling). She used some shells from her vacation in Sweden. I tried to play with the shells but when I dared to jump up on the desk the glue was dry already.

I will be nice and snuggle up with her tonight. I think she needs some furry kisses!


07 November 2017

Rough times and some exciting news

Hello furiends

I hope you are doing fine. My human furiend is not very well at the moment. Her dad passed away on October 23rd at the age of 65. He had his third heart attack and his lungs collabsed and he did not make it. It was a very, very difficult time for my human furiend and for her family. She held her dad in her arms until his very last heartbeat and it was traumatising for her. But she was the only one who had the strength to do this with her mum. And she would never have left her dad just because she wasn't strong enough to see him die. 

She will get back to normal and come to your blogs commenting. But probably not this month.

Look, here is a piccie of her with her dad in Venice. Her dad grew up in Venice and he has always been very happy there and so had my human furiend. She loves Venice, it is almost like coming home whenever she goes there. Luckily it is only a 6 hrs drive from here.

Then my human furiend decided to leave Inky Chicks and found her own challenge blog. It's called Ally's Angels und it goes live in January 2018. Until then you can win a nice candy if you become a follower of her new blog and if you spread the word! 

Ok, gotta go and check if she eats properly. She tends to not eat so much since her dad died and I cannot tolerate this!

Sending you all a furry hug and talk to you soon!


15 October 2017

*** wish upon a star ***

Hello furiends

How are you? I know I'm not a very good kitty at the moment, I only post once in a while and I rarely come to see your blogs. I promise I will get better!

My human furiend has been on vacation to Norway (she has been on the world's first all vegan ocean cruise). She came home extremely happy. She told me how pawesome it was that she was able to eat all she wanted without thinking if there are any animal products used for the food. She said she never seen so many happy people like she did on this cruise. 

Anyhoooooo here is her card for the Lovley hÄnglar or sweet Magnolia Challenge. The theme is "Trim" and guess who had fun helping her with the ribbons and trims? Qui, c'est moi, ha ha!

Have a lovely time, furiends. I will soon come to see your blogs and leave some furry love!


18 September 2017

No, I don't like it at all!

Hello furiends

How are you doing? I had a vet appointment last week and it was not pawesome at all!
In fact I am really mad at my human furiend now.
The vet said that I still might be a bit traumatised from my past and
that this is the reason why I lick myself so often and especially the wound.
So he suggested that I wear a body for a couple of weeks and my human furiend has to put some ointment on the sore spot on my belly and then put me on that nasty body.
He said that it should make me feel comfy but you know what?! That nasty body is a pain
 and I hate it!!
I take it off as soon as my human furiend does not look.
And then I don't talk to her anymore.
Now she gave up!

I think I can consider myself lucky that the leopard-printed-body did not come in size XXS!

At LHOSM they started a new challenge and my human furiend's DT Card is this;

Gotta go and check the flat. I think I might find some toys to play with!